Inspection at Arena Reinsvoll


IOF SEA Sixten Sild and Tour Manager Jørn Sundby were among those present for an inspection at Arena Reinsvoll on Wednesday, October 28. Much is now ready for the events of the upcoming season.

We can already reveal that the arena will hold several different finish entrances, as well as two bridges. In addition, participants and spectators will enjoy pictures and television presentations on a 24 square meter big screen.

IOF SEA Sixten Sild was among those who ventured out into the terrain, praising the Festival officials present for excellent maps and good terrain.

The 2010 O Festival is also pleased to announce that there will be a large television production present during this summer's event. A Finnish production company will be placing no less than ten cameras in the woods around Arena Reinsvoll. This, along with GPS tracking, wlll give the audience a spectacular big screen experience. In addition, talks are ongoing with the NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Company)  to show the Festival on national Norwegian television.