Relay Classes


There have been a few questions about Relay classes and some feedback that suggests that it is somewhat difficult to understand the class division. Therefore, we hope that this report will make it easier.
Relay classes are D 13-16, R 13-16, D open, H open D 125, H135, Open 150 and Open 180

For D/H 13-16 is the second leg unforked.

For all classes with numbers behind the sex-letter; the number is the minimum total age of the team.

Classes Open 150 and Open 180 are classes for teams of runners of both sexes. It is at this point there have been some questions and comments. Sex-letter does not exist, but we use the term Open instead. It would therefore say that there must be at least one run of each sex!

Composite teams participating in the relay to be reported as mixede layer that is both / all clubs name. Such teams may participate in regular class, but will not be rewarded. Mixede teams that are not reported in accordance with the regulations will be disqualified. Teams can not participate in the D / H-Free.