Team competition for W/M 8-12


Information about the Team competition is now ready. Here you can find out more about what this very exciting new form of orienteering is about.
The team competition is an orienteering event with 3-5 runners per team. The team must be together during the race, and shall only use one EKT-unit. In 60 minutes the runners are going to visit as many controls as possible, and these can be taken in any order the competitors want. You get points for every control you visit, and some are worth more than others. The number of points you get from visiting each control, you can find on the controldesription (on the map). If your team uses over 60 minutes, 3 points will be taken from you each starting minute.

Teams with inexperienced runners will do best if they take the controls that are closest to the starting area (these controls are easiest to find). It is also possible to be followed by an adult. The grown up that follows a team is not able to assist teams competing in regular classes, and is not allowed to compete in any of the relay-classes after this.

Some of the controls are activity posts where you have to do an activity before clocking in. These controls are the ones with the highest point score. A supervisor will guide you through the activity posts.

The track consists of two laps with about the same length, grade of difficulty and possible score. The teams switch laps whenever they want in the starting area, by receiving map number two from the supervisors.

All participants in the team competition will receive a price when crossing the finish line. The tree best teams will also get an extra price. The team which has collected the most points wins. If two teams have the same score, their time will decide who the winner is.

The purpose with the team competition is to give the young athletes some orienteering-technical challenges as a team, but the main purpose is to give our young talents an exciting day in the nature.   

Welcome to the team competition at the Norwegian O-festival 2010!

The arrangement-committee
Bengt Eirik Johansson