The Children's Festival



All children are especially welcome to the FUN-O-FESTIVAL, this year's version of the Children's Festival. We have our own starting area for the FUN-O-FESTIVAL, centrally located at the arena. From here there are numerous demanding, easy, funny, wierd, ordinary and strange orienteering courses and tasks, suitable for children from 5- 13 years. There will also be a special exercise at Hellviktangen on Saturday from 17.00-19.30 hrs: an exciting underwater orienteering task! Take a trip down to the bay, just 1.5 km walk from the arena, beautiful beaches and good and cheap BBQ food. We challenge all children to complete as many courses and tasks as possible during the weekend!

All children participating in 7 or more tasks will receive a "two-for-the-price-of-one" ticket to Norway's biggest amusement park Tusenfryd, located just a short drive from the arena ( The ticket is valid throughout the 2011 season. In addition there will be other great prizes for everyone.

The price for the FUN-O-FESTIVAL is NOK 100.

Opening times:

Friday 24th June 18-20 hrs, 2 tasks open.
Saturday 25th June 10-15 hrs, all courses and tasks open
Saturday 25th June 17.00-19.30 hrs at Hellviktangen, underwater orienteering
Sunday 26th June 10-15 hrs, all courses and tasks open.


1. Nature path
2. Mini trail-O
3. TrOllish tracks
4. Puzzle-pieces-orientering
5. Black speed
6. HundrepOsterskOgen (the translator gave up... come and see!)
7. Underwater Orientering
8. Greenery
9. Control picking
10. Little trolls-O
11. The mapper
12. Foot- foot-O

See you at the FUN-O-FESTIVAL!