Fantastic terrain and demanding courses


Fantastic open pine woods, hardly used for orienteering previously, just a short boat ride from Oslo City Centre... These are the first things Map Chief Kristen Treekrem mentions when we ask him why people should come to this year's O-Festival.

This renowned mapper from Ås knows what he is talking about. He has drawn the map, is coordinating all of the course planning and is himself responsible for the sprint courses during the O-Festival at Nesodden the last weekend in June.

- The terrain for this year's O-festival is perfect for this kind of an event. There are lots of paths near the arena, which is good for beginners, and as you get further away from the arena the terrain is both fantastic and demanding.

- It's a wonderful place to run. The courses for Saturday and Sunday pass through absolutely superb Norwegian forest terrain, with pine trees and blueberry shrubs. Close to the arena there are some small scrappy areas, but on the hills further in it is just absolutely fantastic.

- If you like orienteering, you just can't help but smile when you see this, adds the Event Chief in the Norwegian Orienteering Federation, Jan Arild Johnsen, who has been out in the terrain numerous times to check the courses.

For some map extracts, see the Norwegian article at: Norsk Orientering