Hellviktangen - meeting place for orienteers of all ages


Hellviktangen is a gem of a place. Great beaches, plenty of space, a wonderful restaurant by the water, volleyball court, jetties, good crab fishing for the kids and, of course, sunshine! We recommend that all O-Festival participants take a trip here after the race Saturday afternoon! Even if there should be rain, there is a large covered terrace and space for everyone.

It's just 1.5 km from the arena at Berger stadium down to Hellviktangen -a lovely stroll through a pleasant area, see map under ""overview map".

At Hellviktangen you can swim, catch crabs, sunbathe, play ball games, or do exactly what you want - including relaxing under a tree after the day's run.

The hostess at Hellviktangen, Bente, is known for her good food. This Saturday, she will be offering a special orienteers menu that will give new strength for Sunday's race. There will be something for everyone.

Make your O-Festival more than an ordinary race - head to Hellviktangen!

For some pictures, click here: Hellviktangen.