Team Competition for W/M-12


The "father" of the Team Competition, Sigbjørn Modalsli, is once again ready with wonderful challenges for the youngest orienteers on Sunday. If you have not participated in team races in the past, read this for more information.

The Team Competition is an o-race for runners 12 years and younger with a team of minimum 3 and maximum 5 runners. The team has to stay together during the race and will only have one electronic punch card. The race consists of a number of controls that can be visited in any order within the maximum running time, which is 60 minutes. Visited controls give points according to the control descriptions. If arriving at the finish line later than the 60 minutes deadline, 3 points are deducted per minute late.

It is permissible to mix the teams across clubs, and teams that have less than three runners are encouraged to collaborate with others so that children can experience this competition.

Some of the controls are "activity-controls" where one has to perform a task before punching the control card, and these controls give the most points. Activity controls are manned. At these controls anything can happen; it can be steep, wet, dry or bushy. Only the course setter knows what's coming this year!

At the finish line, there will be prizes for all participants in the Team Competition and in addition, an extra prize for the three best teams. The ranking is by number of points, and if two teams collect the same amount of points the team with the shortest time wins.

It is permissible for adults to shadow teams in the competition if the runners are very inexperienced. We appeal for fair play in shadowing with regards to other teams.

Welcome to the team competition 2011!