Trail-O at the O-Festival


As usual there will be competitions in Trail-O under the Norwegian O-Festival. With the new sprint norm map near the venue, everything is set for demanding competitions in Trail-O. There is full range of classes, and also opportunities to try this sport by entering direct classes every day.

The full invitation to the Trail-O competitions can be found here (only in Norwegian at the moment, but see translation below).

See also the homepage for Trail-O in Norway, (Google translated)


Invitation to Trail-O

The Norwegian O-Festival and Norwegian Orienteering's Trail-O committee invite you to two days of Trail-O competitions on Saturday 25th June and Sunday 26th June. Both competitions are included in the Norwegian Cup for Elite and A classes.

Classes: Elite, A, B, N and A-direct. A-direct is open for hiking orienteers who want to try
precision orientation. The A class can have false controls.

Assembly area: Berger stadium, Nesodden. Marked from road RV 156, 100-400 metres from the car park.

First start: 11.00 am both days. Flexi start for A-direct. Max 200 metres from assembly area to the start.

Terrain: Both days with moderately hilly terrain. Surface with asphalt or large trail (gravel road).

Map: Scale 1:5000, 2.5 m eqv. Published 2011.

Food, toilets etc are integrated into the O-Festival.
Unfortunately there is limited opportunity for pushing support.

Registration: Within 18th June: Tel +47 32 85 24 25

Entry fees: From 17 years NOK 140 per day. Up to 16 years NOK 70 per day.
Late entry fee: NOK 50. A direct costs NOK 50.
Payment can be made on attendance.

Course setter: Arne Ask, Lierbygda OL