Welcome to the O-Festival 2011!


The O-Festival Alliance of Akershus and Oslo, together with MÃ¥ren OK and Nesodden IF, would like to welcome everybody interested in orienteering to the Norwegian O-Festival 2011 on the idyllic Nesodden Peninsula. The event will be held at Berger Stadium, just a short boat ride from Aker Brygge in Oslo.

The O-Festival 2011 will follow the same template as previous O-Festivals, but with a few changes.

* Friday's competition will use a sprint map, scale 1:5000. This will be a "proper" sprint for elite and youth classes and a slightly longer forest sprint for the other classes.

* On Sunday, there will be a relay for M/W 13-16 (3 legs),  W-Open (4 legs) and M-Open (5 legs). To add to the excitement of the event, we will have GPS-tracking and online results, including split times for all classes.

* Anybody not running in the relay can take part in solo races on the Sunday, with the usual class divisions.

There will also be a chasing start for the World Cup on Saturday afternoon, Craft Cup for juniors, Children's Festival for the youngest, Team Competition on Sunday, and social gathering on the shore at idyllic Hellviktangen on Saturday evening.

Accommodation will be available at a school 3-500 metres from the arena, within walking distance of Hellviktangen. More information on the school accommodation coming soon.

Parking for cars and busses will be available near the arena. For many, however, public transport will be the best way to get around. Travelling time from Oslo Centre to the arena will be just 35-40 minutes using the ferry from Aker Brygge in Oslo and bus from the ferry terminal. You won't match that driving a car!

With an arena that has all the necessary facilities, and fantastic terrain for everybody from beginners to elite, we can promise you a great experience at Nesodden during the last weekend in June.

We would especially like to urge all clubs to take part in the relays. We will really be pulling out the stops on Sunday this year, so get your runners ready to put on a special performance!

Welcome to Nesodden!