Entries Norsk O-Festival 2012



Entry for Norwegian O-festival 2012 is now open.

Entry deadline is Monday June 11th at 23.59 hrs.
Late entries accepted until Wednesday June 20th at 23.59 hrs.

Entry is done through Eventor, for explanation how to use Eventor, see below.

Links for entry:

Elitclasses and M15, M16, W15 and W16 all days (classes with chasing start).

All other competition classes FRIDAY.

All other competition classes SATURDAY

All other competition classes SUNDAY


W/M10-16 years: 120 NOK/day
Late entry: 180 NOK/day (no additional fee for late entry for 12 years and younger)

W/M 17- years: 240 NOK/day
Late entry: 360 NOK/day

Entry on the day courses: 180 NOK/day

Team competition W/M-12 (2-5 pr team): 360 NOK/team

Athletes representing clubs outside Norway will not be allowed to start until entry fees are paid. Fees can be paid in advance to bank account or at the event using cash (NOK only) or card.

For payment using bank transfer, please make payable to the following account:

Øystre Slidre Idrettsarrangement AS
Idrettens Hus
2953 Beitostølen


Bank account 2135.35.47906 

IBAN account NO5021353547906




Please note that any bank transfer fees must be paid by the participant. Please state name and club of the participant(s) on payment.


How to use Eventor for entry:

To make your entry:

1. Log in on http://eventor.orientering.no/Events?culture=en-GB (register as user if you have not done that before)

2. Find the events you want to enter by searching for the actual dates in the Event Calendar.

3. Choose the events you want to participate in by checking the box behind them in the calendar, and press the tag “Enter selected events” on the upper or lower part of the page.

4. Choose one of the classes (only those suitable for your registered sex and age will be available) and enter your EMIT-number (if left blank this is considered as an order for rental EMIT-card at a cost of NOK 40 per day).

5. If you have the “Entry administrator” role for your club you can also enter other competitors in to the event, if they have registered in Eventor. If they haven’t registered they can do that themself, or you can register them as club members manually in the menu “members” under “administration” (demands club administrator privilleges), before completing the registration for the event.

6. Press “Store” when you have chosen classes and EMIT-numbers for those you want to enter.