Bragdøyaløpet, Thursday 20th June


Oddersjaa wishes all O-festival participants welcome to Bragdøyaløpet/Erik Balchens Minneløp, Thursday, June 20th. First start at 6.00 pm.
Bragdøya has one of Sørlandets fastest race terrain with little under-vegetation. Small rocks near the sea and a lot of old cultivated areas. Varying hilly. The highest point on the island is 65 m. Nice beaches nearby the running terrain.
Map Bragdøya: Scale 1:5000, 2.5 m contour interval. Revised 2012.
Boat (5min) from Lumber quayside at 4 pm. 
We hope that many of O-festival participants heading to Kristiansand on Thursday to attend the races in this terrain that is quite unlike the runners will meet in the next few days.

For more info and registration see or Eventor schedule.