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Bulletin no. 4 is now published, with all the latest information ahead of the World Cup events no. 3 and 4.

A jubilant victory for Martin Johansson after a fantastic finish

A thriller of a finish in the mens 14.3 km chasing start race ended in victory to the Swede Martin Johansson. A smart route choice towards the end ensured a clear win, 22 seconds in front of Anders Nordberg from Norway. Nordberg had a solid finish and beat Swedish Emil Wingstedt, after a phenomenal sprint finish by both. Yesterday's winner, Carl Waaler Kaas, finished in 5th place.

Knock out win for Kauppi!

Minna Kauppi showed once again that she masters both the Bærum terrain and the summer heat better than any, with a supreme victory in today's long distance. Kauppi started 47 seconds before Marianne Andersen, but increased her lead to 3.37 by the finish. Marianne Andersen raced in to a great 2nd place and Simone Niggli took the third place, beaten by 4.55.

Joint victory to Öberg and Kaas after a thrilling finish

A thriller of a finish at today's middle distance World Cup for men ended with joint victory to Swedish Peter Öberg and Carl Waaler Kaas from Norway. In third place came Anders Nordberg from Norway, 21 seconds behind. The 6 km course offered some great challenges for the runners, both in the form of high temperature and technically difficult orienteering.

Victory to Minna Kauppi!

Minna Kauppi won convincingly in the heat of the afternoon in Bærum. The World Cup middle distance was 5.1 km in an area with many paths and demanding terrain, that the Finn tackled best. Marianne Andersen finished in 2nd place, beaten by 47 seconds. Swedish Helena Jansson finished in 3rd place.

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O-Festival Training

For everybody wanting to prepare for the Norwegian O-Festival 2009, there are three training offers in relevant terrain.

TV Production of the O-Festival

The O-Festival 2009 will be extra exciting for those present at the arena. They will be able to follow the World Cup on a big screen, with both pictures from the woods and GPS-tracking.

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