Czech victory in both men's and women's relays


It was a day for celebration for the traveling Czech men's and women's teams in today's W and M Open relays. Dana Brozkova and Michal Smola ran the final legs, claiming the final victories of the Norwegian O-Festival 2009 in Bærum. The only Norwegian team with a place on the podium in W and M Open was NTNUI's women's team, who took the second place. 

An exhausted Smola

Michal Smola was extremely pleased with the end of today's run in the technically demanding terrain. For a long time it was a dual between Smola, Jonas Pilblad and Petr Losman. Smola proved that he is in shape and tore away from the other two, securing the victory for the Czech Republic. Very hot, sunny weather - that has characterised this year's O-Festival - made the relay a true test of strength.

- Now I am very, very tired, sighed Smola after the finish.

The members of the Czech team were Tomas Dlabaja, Jan Prochazka, Adam Chromy and Michal Smola. For a long time, the team were some minutes behind the leaders, but Smola's fantastic race resulted in victory. IFK Göteborg and the Czech Republic's second team followed with the next positions, 1.02 and 1.32 minutes behind the winning team respectively.

Halden SK was the best Norwegian team, in 5th place with Andreas Johansson, Øyvind Helgerud, Kristian Dalby and Jon Pedersen.

"Hu and Hei" for 2nd place to NTNUI

Running the final leg, Mali Fjogstad Nielsen from NTNUI had no chance to catch up Dana Brozkova, but ran a very good leg and secured the 2nd place for NTNUI, 3.20 minutes behind the Czech women and a whole 6.28 minutes infront of Sävedalens AIK, who took the third place. The relay was the finishing touch to a fantastic weekend for Nielsen, who won yesterday's chasing start in the W21 Elite class.

- It's been a surprisingly good weekend, which is a result of the fact that I've managed to train well this spring, said Nielsen after the finish.

Next weekend Mali Fjogstad Nielsen will be in Tynset and run the World Championships test-run, but for the moment she has no big ambitions about getting a trip to Hungary in August.

- I'm going to Tynset to find out how I'm doing compared with the others, explained Mali.

Unofficial results W Open

1. Czech Republic team 1 (Vendula Klechova, Martina Dockalova, Eva Jurenikova, Dana Brozkova) +0.00

2. NTNUI team 1 (Mari Fasting, Hanna Haugen Nordbrøden, Emma Johansson, Mali Fjogstad Nielsen) +3.20

3. Sävedalens AIK (Emma Andersson, Silje Ekroll Jahren, Annika Østman, Hanny Allston) +9.48

4. Frankrike +20.01

5. Czech Republic team 2 +24.44

Unofficial results M Open

1. Czech Republic team 1 (Tomas Dlabaja, Jan Prochazka, Adam Chromy, Michal Smola) +0.00

2. IFK Göteborg (Christian Christensen, Håkan Petersson, Henrik Eliasson, Jonas Pilblad) +1.02

3. Czech Republic team 2 (Jan Sedivy, Osvald Kozak, Zdenek Rajnosek, Petr Losman) +1.32

4. Turun Metänkävijät +5.21

5. Halden SK +8.23