A jubilant victory for Martin Johansson after a fantastic finish

A thriller of a finish in the mens 14.3 km chasing start race ended in victory to the Swede Martin Johansson. A smart route choice towards the end ensured a clear win, 22 seconds in front of Anders Nordberg from Norway. Nordberg had a solid finish and beat Swedish Emil Wingstedt, after a phenomenal sprint finish by both. Yesterday's winner, Carl Waaler Kaas, finished in 5th place.

Johansson finally tackled the heat

Two years after suffering heatstroke in the World Championships, Swedish Martin Johansson has learned to tackle the heat. So the sunshine and 28 degrees in Bærum weren't too much of a problem for the Swede.

- I focus on drinking plenty and start off carefully when it's so hot. This lets me tackle the heat quite well, said Johansson.

Martin explained further that he had a good feeling throughout the whole of today's chasing start. Johansson started 1.26 minutes after Carl Waaler Kaas, but quickly caught up.

- I opened carefully and focused entirely on my own orienteering. So I quickly caught up with other runners and moved up through the field. After passing the arena, I saw that the others headed through dense forest, and I chose to run round on a path. That was when I realised that I could win, beamed Martin.

- This feels so incredibly good, concluded Martin Johansson after a fantastic effort in the weekend's World Cup in Bærum.

- Watch out, you Swedes!

Norway's national team leader, Petter Thoresen, was very pleased with the efforts of the Norwegian lads today. The whole thing ended with 2nd place to Anders Nordberg and 5th place to Carl Waaler Kaas.

- Well, it was as expected really, with tough fighting in the heat. The Norwegian lads put up a good fight, but Martin was the souvereign winner, said Thoresen.

Petter Thoresen is nevertheless certain that the Swedes will have a very tough match in the World Championships in Hungary in two months time.

- Watch out, you Swedes, concluded Thoresen.

Carl Waaler Kaas was very pleased with the weekend

The World Cup weekend turned out very well for Carl Waaler Kaas, who has put his studies on hold so that he can concentrate on orienteering. Today he started first, together with Peter Öberg.

- Nordberg was on the offensive and soon caught up with us so it wasn't long before we were a good bunch out there. But there were some very challenging route choices today. I struggled to distinguish between cliffs and paths on the map, so I had some bad route choices towards the end, but all in all I'm happy, said a tired Kaas after the finish.

The mens' long distance completed the World Cup in Bærum. The O-Festival, however, continues. Relay races are on the programme for tomorrow, and once again we expect blazing sunshine and high temperatures.