Natural festivity for the kids too!


The O-Festival will also provide fun and excitement for the youngest members of the family. We recommend everybody under 10 years old to come to the O-Festival and take part in their very own Childrens' Festival!

On Friday we can offer a Little Troll course in proper forest terrain. On Saturday and Sunday there will be many activities in the Childrens' Festival:

Climbing, an obstacle race, an Emit punch-card circuit, woodwork, baking bread twists, hot dogs and, of course, orienteering are all part of the programme.

The Childrens' Festival is intended for the age group 4-10 years and the area will be open from 10 am Saturday and Sunday. The price for the whole weekend is NOK 150.

In addition to the Childrens' Festival there will be a normal child-minding service available, free of charge, all days.