Natural festivity for the kids too!


The O-Festival will also provide fun and excitement for the youngest members of the family. We recommend everybody under 10 years old to come to the O-Festival and take part in their very own Childrens' Festival!

O-Festival Training

For everybody wanting to prepare for the Norwegian O-Festival 2009, there are three training offers in relevant terrain.

500 NOK gift voucher to everybody in W14 this year too!


The Orienteering Recruitment Fund will follow up on the succes of recent years: gift vouchers worth 500 NOK in Trimtex sales will be handed out to all participants in W14 in Saturday's long distance competition. Runners can claim their voucher after crossing the finish.

Accommodation during the O-Festival


The various offers of accommodation during the O-Festival are filling up with orienteers from all over the world. If you want to be sure of a place to sleep, book soon!

A rush of entries - remember the deadline is on Sunday!


The stream of entries to this year's O-Festival is turning into a flood as the registration deadline approaches: Sunday 7th June. On Thursday 4th June, we passed the 1000 mark!

TV Production of the O-Festival

The O-Festival 2009 will be extra exciting for those present at the arena. They will be able to follow the World Cup on a big screen, with both pictures from the woods and GPS-tracking.

Team Competition: The Bog is Waiting!


Last year, over 70 teams of 8 to 12 year olds competed in the O-Festival's wildest, toughest and most beautiful event: the team competition on Sunday. Now the father of this competition, Sigbjørn Modalsli, has been out in the woods to check out this year's bog ...

Many World Champions at the O-Festival


With just over two months left until the O-Festival 2009, Bulletin No. 3 for the World Cup competitions is ready. It shows a clear increase in the number of registered participants compared with 2008 and there will be many World Champions at the start at Fossum.

A compact event!


The O-Festival makes the most of a unique feature of the Norwegian capital Oslo: the short distance between the city and the woods. Welcome to the O-Festival 2009 - a compact event!

Terrain Description


Terrain DecemberTerrain December

On all days the terrain is generally of excellent visibility and runability. The area closest to the arena is rich in details, with several ski tracks and large paths, as well as plenty of smaller paths and trails. The terrain is rather up-and-down, with a number of drops and cliffs, although there are also some relatively flat areas.

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