Team Competition: The Bog is Waiting!


Last year, over 70 teams of 8 to 12 year olds competed in the O-Festival's wildest, toughest and most beautiful event: the team competition on Sunday. Now the father of this competition, Sigbjørn Modalsli, has been out in the woods to check out this year's bog ...

In 2008, Bush-O, downhill, flour and water were some of the challenges facing the participants. Now, in 2009, Modalsli promises a proper bog again, worthy of the event. He has been out checking the terrain and late one evening an SMS popped up with this picture (left).

In addition there are rumours of more cultural tasks, though - as usual - with certain distractions thrown in...

The rules for the team competition are simple: each team runs with just one Emit punch-card and must find as many controls as possible within one hour. The teams can comprise three to five participants. Along the way, certain surprises will pop up. This year the municipality has even promised to open the sluice gates to the local stream if we should have a dry summer!

The team competition is fantastic fun for those who are too young to take part in the relay and we recommend all clubs to mobilise their recruits for this event. They can be assured an unforgettable experience!