Terrain Description


Terrain DecemberTerrain December

On all days the terrain is generally of excellent visibility and runability. The area closest to the arena is rich in details, with several ski tracks and large paths, as well as plenty of smaller paths and trails. The terrain is rather up-and-down, with a number of drops and cliffs, although there are also some relatively flat areas. The vegetation comprises primarily mature forest with relatively good runability, but there are also areas of denser vegetation, including re-growth on old clear-fell sites. The combination of hills, blueberry bushes and undergrowth make for relatively physically demanding terrain in places, but in the main this is an area inviting great speed. The dense network of paths and complicated pattern of contour lines will provide a hard test of orienteering skills.

Middle Distance:

The focus has been to provide courses with middle distance character, with some short legs and lots of direction changes. Most courses are in the area on and around a large, detail-rich hill. Runners who can cope with hillsides and orienteer by contour lines will be at an advantage. Some tough ascents will also ensure a physical challenge. Yet although the hills are tough, at times the terrain invites high speed. This applies particularly to parts of the longer courses. At such times you really need to be sure that you're on the right path or terrain feature.

Long Distance:

On Saturday, most courses will touch on a different type of terrain. Here there are more pronounced ups-and-downs and the vegetation comprises old forest on a gently sloping hillside. There are considerably fewer details, with some bogs and a few paths and tractor trails. Runability is generally good, but in places blueberry bushes will make for somewhat heavier progress. There are some areas of denser forest too. The longest courses will include some of the finest terrain that the Bærum region has to offer.

The courses have been planned with the long distance ideal in mind: individual route choice through pristine terrain. In places, route choice will be the deciding issue. The start has deliberately been moved away from the arena so that Saturday's races will have more of a wilderness quality than the other two competiion days.


The relay will mostly be in the same area as the middle distance. W Open and M Open will also touch on areas that have not been used during the first two days. These areas are less up-and-down, with a mixture of production forests and mature spruce forest with good runability. In places, denser forest or undervegetation and blueberry bushes will favour route choices along roads/paths. Nevertheless, the rich network of paths and general good runability should lead to relatively low kilometre times for the best runners.