Trail Orienteering at the O-Festival


The O-Festival invites you to trail orienteering on Sunday, 28th June.

Place: Fossum Sports Park in Bærum Municipality. Signposting from Røa Centre and from Griniveien (RV 168). Parking fee NOK 20. A few parking spaces designated specifically for disabled.

Classes: Elite, A and B-C (the latter is a beginners' course for those interested in learning more about the discipline)

Courses: Elite and A courses are ca. 2.5km, B-C course ca. 1.3km. Maximum time will be given in the pre-race information and on the map.

Map: Scale 1:5000 from 2009, revised for trail orienteering.

First start: Elite and A: 12:00. B-C start when you want between 10.00 and 13.00.

Entry fee: Elite and A classes over 17 years: NOK 130. Under 17 years: NOK 70.
                        B-C class:  NOK 50 (no prizes)

Assistants: Please register your requirements for assistence on your entry form.

Entry: To Arne Ask, Sognaveien 9, 3400 Lier, Norway, +47 32 85 24 25

Entry deadline: 7th June. After this there will be a late entry fee of NOK 50/100 under/over 17 years.

Pre-entry is not necessary for the B-C class. Payment can be made at the arena at the Event Centre (payment by card will also be possible there).

Race Head: Jørgen Holmboe
Course Setter: Arne Ask
Quality Control: Knut Ovesen

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