TV Production of the O-Festival

The O-Festival 2009 will be extra exciting for those present at the arena. They will be able to follow the World Cup on a big screen, with both pictures from the woods and GPS-tracking.

The Norwegian Orienteering Federation has come to an agreement with the Finnish company Kruuva regarding camera production at the O-Festival 2009. The O-Festival will also make sure there is a big screen available so that everybody at the arena can follow the drama in the woods. For several years, Kruuva has made TV productions from the Jukola/Venla relays in Finland and will also produce this year's two first World Cup races.

- We are really pleased to be able to offer camera production of the O-Festival this year. We were close last year but tripped up at the last hurdle. It's been a steep learning curve, with lots of important practicalities to think about, says the head of the main committee Jørgen Holmboe.

Friday's middle distance in the World Cup will be a production involving seven cameras and 50 runners will carry tracking equipment. The middle distance event will be from ca. 13:30-17:00, before the O-Festival. Saturday's long distance will be produced in the same way in the period 14:30-17:00, straight after the O-Festival runners have finished their competitions. Saturday's competition is a chasing start, and the tracking will make the race really exciting to watch for the spectators. Secretary General Bjørnar Valstad in the Norwegian Orienteering Federation is also delighted that the TV agreement is now settled.

- It’s important that we now obtain a top quality production of the O-Festival. This is the first targeted measure in the Federation’s new media strategy, which we expect to play an important role in increasing the visibility of orienteering and creating enthusiasm around our sport. We hope, in the not-too-distant future, to be able to announce more news to raise the profile of our events, says Valstad.

For those who cannot be present at the O-Festival, the TV coverage will also be available on the Internet. More information about this later.

The photograph shows the producers Olli Härkki (t.v) and Esa Valkama checking camera positions in the O-Festival woods. In the background, representatives from the O-Festival pay close attention.