1:33 PM, 21 June 2008

Tougher than the World Cup

Elisabeth Ingvaldsen and Pål Skogedal gave Nydalen double victory in Saturday’s Craft Cup chasing start, with winning times of 1:32:44 and 2:01:00 respectively.

As Pål Skogedal crossed the finish a few seconds in front of Thomas Stenström (OK Linné) and Torbjørn Sagberg (Tyrving) the speaker Jørn Sundby came with the following announcement:

-This is tougher than the World Cup course boys, so you should be pleased with this.

The experienced veteran Skogedal was right behind the Swede Stenstöm before the last radio control, but took the victory through a good route choice to the next-to-last control.

-I didn’t run fast today.  The fact that I was first to cross the finish line wasn’t really down to my performance, said Skogedal after the finish and suggested that his competitors had had trouble keeping their concentration up during the “longest” kilometres towards the end. Torbjørn Sagberg had the best time on today’s course with 1:59:40.

In the womens class, Lene Moe was the fastest on the 9.8 kilometre long course. With a time of 1:32:02 she was just over 40 seconds in front of her club-mate Ingvaldsen in Saturday’s long distance.

-This was tough, and with real orienteering all the way. At the end it was hard to stay focused and I only just managed to keep the lead, said Ingvaldsen after the finish. Nevertheless, it was a good way back to Tone Wigemyr who was number two overall, over two minutes behind.

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