7:20 PM, 21 June 2008

Wingstedt fell from victory

At the third control, the Finn Tero Föhr and the Swede Emil Wingstedt took the best route choice. When the Swede fell, Föhr made the most of the opportunity to leave him behind and secure his first World Cup victory.


- I had already decided on that route choice before I got there, says Föhr, who earlier in the race had been quite passive, staying at the back of the group and keeping control with the map.

- I felt good the whole time. And sometimes you should get a bit of luck too, beamed the Finn after the finish.

Gueorgiou disqualified

For a long time it looked like last season’s unbeatable star, the Frenchman Thierry Gueorgiou, would secure another invincible victory. The Frenchman ran “like clockwork” and was over three minutes in front, five kilometre before the finish. He was also the first man over the finish line, but quickly got the message that his race was not approved. On one of the course’s two butterfly forking systems Gueorgiou missed out a wing.

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