The Norwegian O-Festival 2010 will be based at Raufoss 25th – 27th June. Raufoss Orientering, Toten-Troll OL and Gjø-Vard OL are the organisers for the event.

Raufoss is situated in Vestre Toten Municipality, 115 kilometres north of Oslo and 90 kilometres north of Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Raufoss is a village in the country with about 7.000 inhabitants, lying 10 kilometres south of the nearest town, Gjøvik with about 25.000

flystripa-1.jpgOn Friday 25th June there will be a sprint in the centre of Raufoss. Here the industrial park is available to us, with its mixture of buildings of different sizes, parks, small woods and stripes of fields - an exciting area for this kind of competition. The area also has other challenges, making it “tailored” for sprint.

Individual competitions on Saturday 26th and relay races on Sunday 27th June will be arranged from the local airport in Reinsvoll, five kilometres south of Raufoss. The locality is ideal for a compact event, with parking and a range of facilities close to the arena. On Saturday, we expect that the World Cup will be included in the Norwegian O-Festival 2010.

o-festival042.jpgThe weekend’s competitions will take place in the Skjelbreia area, which has not been used for orienteering for almost 20 years. Parts of the terrain are atypical for the district, with open, pine ridges with good runability, between larger boggy areas. However, there are also denser woods and rugged ground, which ought to give the participants varied and interesting challenges.

We wish you and your club welcome to Norwegian O-Festival 2010.

9:20 PM, 13 November 2008

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