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11:40 AM, 22 June 2008

Link to Norwegian TV broadcast

TV 2 report from the World Cup at Siggerud

7:20 PM, 21 June 2008

Wingstedt fell from victory

At the third control, the Finn Tero Föhr and the Swede Emil Wingstedt took the best route choice. When the Swede fell, Föhr made the most of the opportunity to leave him behind and secure his first World Cup victory.

7:10 PM, 21 June 2008

Kauppi won ice-cream and the World Cup

5:36 PM, 20 June 2008

- As good as gold at the EOC

Anne Margrete Hausken was as pleased as though she had taken yet another EOC gold when victory at Friday’s World Cup competition was secure. -Middle distance has been my achilles heel, she said after the finish.

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5:04 PM, 20 June 2008

Two gold medals to Norway in the World Cup

Three weeks before the World Championships Hausken and Nordberg have claimed the ”Super Couple” title. Both had clear wins in Friday’s middle distance at Siggerud.
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11:12 PM, 19 June 2008

Start lists World Cup Friday


You’ll find live splits and results here.
We’ll also try to stream web-cam video and sound from the arena speaker.

3:50 PM, 17 June 2008

World Cup bulletin no. 4

Bulletin 4 for the World Cup events no. 4 and 5 is ready for download as a PDF document below.

10:12 AM, 13 June 2008

Viktig om terrengsperring, trening på Sandbakken

This information regarding embargoed area is only important for Norwegian runners attending the test races for the Nordic championships next year, thus no English translation needed.
Det viser seg å være en overlapp mellom sperret terreng for NOM uttak 25. - 26.mai neste år og en av treningene til årets O-festival. Siden at mange allerede har […]

12:42 PM, 29 May 2008

TV coverage and big screen at the O-Festival

[Editors note: The contents of this news item was for some time in accordance with the intentions and plans. We’re sorry that it didn’t turn out as planned. For those with knowledge in Norwegian there is more information in newsletter no. 4 through Newsletters in the left coloumn.]
After much hard work and good co-operation between […]

4:07 PM, 13 May 2008

World Cup entries

By the entry deadline, 30th April, 127 runners had entered for World Cup rounds 4 and 5, being arranged as part of the O-Festival in Oslo. 53 women and 74 men have entered. We are pleased to see that we will have participants and guests from all over the world, including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, […]

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