5:04 PM, 20 June 2008

Two gold medals to Norway in the World Cup

Three weeks before the World Championships Hausken and Nordberg have claimed the ”Super Couple” title. Both had clear wins in Friday’s middle distance at Siggerud.

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11:12 PM, 19 June 2008

Start lists World Cup Friday

You’ll find live splits and results here.
We’ll also try to stream web-cam video and sound from the arena speaker.

11:26 PM, 17 June 2008

Help us avoid parking problems!

It’s great to see the huge number of entries for the O-Festival, especially for Saturday. This does present some extra challenges though, not least in respect to parking. Since we have a limited area we strongly encourage clubs and runners to co-ordinate driving - right in line with the recommendations of Gro Harlem Brundtland, Al Gore and the UN!


Best wishes,

Jørgen Holmboe
- and all of the 250 other organisers!

3:50 PM, 17 June 2008

World Cup bulletin no. 4

Bulletin 4 for the World Cup events no. 4 and 5 is ready for download as a PDF document below.

12:47 PM, 16 June 2008

Start lists have been published

Start lists are published so now you can check when you’ll be running out into the woods. Check too that class, name, club and tag number are correct. Coorection requests has to be made at the event office at the arena.

For relays and team events on Sunday, the deadline for registering who is on the team is Saturday 21st June, 8 pm, preferably via the entry link.

When the final deadline passed, midnight on Sunday, a total of 7175 starts were recorded for the three days of competition.

2:49 PM, 13 June 2008

7000 entries so far

We have now passed 7000 entries for the O-festival weekend, and expect even more as the late entries deadline is Sunday 15th June.

10:12 AM, 13 June 2008

Viktig om terrengsperring, trening på Sandbakken

This information regarding embargoed area is only important for Norwegian runners attending the test races for the Nordic championships next year, thus no English translation needed.

Det viser seg å være en overlapp mellom sperret terreng for NOM uttak 25. - 26.mai neste år og en av treningene til årets O-festival. Siden at mange allerede har løpt den aktuelle treningen fra Sandbakken så åpnes deler av NOM-uttakssperringen.

Se presisering av sperringen på kart som du finner på oversikten over treningsoppleggene.

3:11 PM, 9 June 2008

Check your entry

When the deadline for regular entries expired, a total of more than 6000 individual starts were registered for the three days of competitions.

Lists of entries are published. Please check that we have the correct name, club, class and tag number. The lists are updated about once a day, so don’t expect your name to show up immediately if you’ve just entered.

Changes to the Emit tag number can be made through the online entry forms found here. Choose club, and then click your family name, and enter the correct tag number. This can be done until the late entries deadline 15th June. All other change requests must be sent by e-mail to entry@o-festivalen.com (12th June at the latest, if you want to avoid a fee). [ed. note: corrections no longer possible by e-mail -contact the event office at the arena]

10:34 AM, 5 June 2008

Entries deadline reminder

The deadline for entries was Friday, 6th June. Late entries will be accepted untl 15th June. Please use the Internet entry system if possible! In the menu to the left, under “Entries”, you will find links to enter for the different races. There you can also check whether your friends and rivals have entered - the lists are updated quite frequently.

12:42 PM, 29 May 2008

TV coverage and big screen at the O-Festival

[Editors note: The contents of this news item was for some time in accordance with the intentions and plans. We’re sorry that it didn’t turn out as planned. For those with knowledge in Norwegian there is more information in newsletter no. 4 through Newsletters in the left coloumn.]

After much hard work and good co-operation between the event organisers and the Norwegian Orienteering Federation (NOF) it has finally been decided: There will be TV coverage and a big screen at the O-Festival 2008! The World Cup races will be tracked by several cameras in the woods in addition to GPS-tracking. On Saturday, the deciding race of the Craft Cup for juniors and seniors can also be followed on big screen at the arena. Remember that the deadline for entries is 6th June! See the press release from NOF in full here. Les mer »

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